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Greenpeace: Spain's green jobs programs were just too darn successful

It seems that Team Soros has not given up on trying to rehabilitate the ‘green jobs’ success stories the White House used to cite over and over as their model for the ‘fundamental transformation’… until they didn’t. Though the White House decided the embarrassment factor after being outed on these economic train wrecks was too high, our comrades just can’t give up the ghost (what is it with them romanticizing their Spain campaigns? Is the new battle cry for reunions to be they were ‘premature green jobbers!’ So many parallels, so little time…).

So Greenpeace has come out saying Spain was too a great success. And their cheering section has come out saying…well, nothing. As regards the former, well, IER has just posted an enjoyable fisking (spot the 100+% figure). As regards the kidz at Think Progress’s foray, well, spot the substance. Hint: there isn’t any. Just promiscuous swinging around of ‘Koch’ and ‘right-wing’. Not one substantive point challenged. Because history has occurred since the first exposé, and all it managed to do was confirm said exposé.

In Spain I think they call that QED.