The PJ Tatler

Day of Rage, American style

Somebody on facebook is trying to generate one in the US like the ones boiling across the Middle East. Even though we’re already free, can already vote, and are already well on the path of republican government. It’s hopey changey!

We believe that Egypt is just the start.

Well they got that much right.

We are calling for all revolutionaries to stand up. On March 12th, we want all revolutionaries, youth, communists, socialists, and anarchists to stand together.

Let’s pause right there. They want anarchists…to stand together.  Resume.

To stand against the imperialist American. To stand against the capilitalists that our exploiting our workers. Right to jobs, right to housing, right to healthcare. We must rise up my fellow Americans. We can truly live the dream. Clean Energy, is a reality that we as youth must embrace. Our government must change it’s ways or we will change it for them.

A utopian society built on clean energy, peace for all, a classless society, freedom, and justice.

How about a clueless society?