The PJ Tatler

... in which Brian Leiter achieves the title "consummate ass"

Hat tip to Prof Jacobson for pointing out this:

“I should add, of course, that whether the collapse of the Soviet Union should be considered a good thing is a separate question. Certainly everyone (except the despots) welcomes the end of totalitarian regimes, though some of the former Soviet republics have remained thoroughly undemocratic, and Russia itself has moved strongly back in that direction. Then, of course, there was the enormous human cost to the collapse (increased mortality, a decline in longevity, and massive economic and thus human dislocation and suffering). Finally, certain other world-historic crimes, such as the U.S. war of aggression against Iraq, are unlikely to have occurred if the Soviet Union had remained intact.”

And a quote of the day (with oak leaf cluster for studied understatement) from Ilya Somin:

We cannot know exactly how history would have unfolded if the USSR had survived to the present day. But the overwhelming weight of evidence suggests that the world is far better off without it.

I hate to corrupt my Google bomb of Alex Jones as a consummate ass, but this really deserves it.