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Fox repeats Mexico drug war canard

Fox News has a story about an essay by a commander in the Zapatista National Liberation Army in Mexico who says America is the only winner in Mexico’s on-going drug war.

What’s disturbing about this is Fox is repeating the base canard that the cartels are getting most of their weapons from the US.

The United States, as the “principal provider” of weapons to both the Mexican security forces and the cartels, is the only winner in the drug war, Marcos said.
Even as Washington supplies the Mexican military and police, the cartels acquire many of their weapons – notably assault rifles – from gun shops in U.S. border states.

This is something Bob Owens has ably debunked here

This is just another example of “journalists” using what I call “sound bite reportage.” It’s a lazy form of reporting where you simply repeat, without fact checking, things other outlets have said. It’s bad journalism and it gives us all a bad name.