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The PJTV Interviews: Ann Coulter, Rep. Allen West, Dana Loesch, faux Sarah Palin and more

We are all back home and recovering from the event that was CPAC 2011. PJTV had what I think was the best space in the house, and we managed to get one-on-one interviews with nearly every major figure who attended the conference. James Poulos interviewed Ann Coulter, who explained why the Twitter generation should read her book and why gays should not be co-opted by the left. Dana Loesch, interviewed by PJTV’s Alexis Garcia,  declared that conservative women have more, um, guts than liberal men. Rep. Allen West, this year’s keynote speaker, discussed Iraq and many other issues. Mary Katherine Ham talked about the GOP’s 2012 candidates. Stephen Kruiser went to the Blog Bash just to interview Rep. Renee Ellmers. Sort of.  Catherine Engelbrecht of Houston’s King Street Patriots talked with PJTV’s Danika Quinn about their upcoming national vote integrity summit, which is coming up in a couple of weeks. And if you don’t have time for the incredible wealth of interviews we picked up, check out Brandi Milloy’s CPAC 20111 highlight reel, which includes Rep. Michele Bachmann, Richard Dreyfuss, Sen. Rand Paul and more. And if you’re not a subscriber to PJTV, now is the time to change that so you can see all of these great interviews and so much more from our CPAC 2011 coverage.