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CPAC: Scenes (mostly) from the PJTV set

CPAC 2011 was a bit unusual for me. I spent almost no time at the blogger’s lounge, and no time at all watching speeches. I was roaming around getting interviews, breaking stories, attending roundtables and a press conference, and otherwise mostly blogging from the fabulous PJTV set. That’s where I captured most of these behind-the-scenes images, as our PJTV talent interviewed the conference’s major figures. Click each image below to see the full size version.

Setting up the PJTV set.

The PJTV set from overhead.

Andrew Breitbart, prior to the Pigford presser.

PJTV’s Roger Simon with Richard Dreyfuss.

PJTV’s Alexis Garcia interviews pundit, columnist and Tatler blogger Andrea Tantaros.

PJTV’s James Poulos with pundits Amy Holmes (also a Tatler blogger), Margaret Hoover and Jon Avlon.

PJTV’s Danika Quinn, between interviews.

PJTV’s Tony Katz with Faux Sarah Palin.

PJTV’s Stephen Kruiser interviews freshman Rep. Renee Ellmers (R-NC).

Rep. Ellmers, GOP presidential candidate Herman Cain and AFP’s Eric Telford.

The Frummians show up to condescend.

PJTV’s James Poulos gets ready to interview Ann Coulter.

The PJTV set from overhead.