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Ratfist: The weirdest, coolest blog I've ever seen

Calling Ratfist a “blog” is a bit misleading. It’s a graphic novel that’s being created and posted daily, a webcomic. The artwork is, well, click on the graphic and see for yourself.

The artist behind it, Doug TenNapel, is the proverbial Hollywood creative conservative.  He created one of the great unsung classics of computer games, The Neverhood, for DreamWorks in 1996, after creating one of the great Sega classics, Earthworm Jim. The latter has been resurrected for the iPhone and PS3 and other consoles. He has also written several graphic novels, and even made a couple of cameo appearances at a blog I used to work for back in the day. He is posting a new page of Ratfist a day, or thereabouts. My jaw drops at the thought.