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Cantor previews his remarks when he lunches with President Obama tomorrow

Tomorrow House Majority Leader Eric Cantor will be one of three Republicans to lunch with President Obama at the White House. The Tatler has learned that among other things, Cantor is expected to raise the president’s remarks before the U.S. Chamber of Commerce.

Yesterday the president told business leaders to “get in the game,” stop hoarding cash and start hiring in return for Washington favors. If they got in the game, the President promised tax breaks, trade agreements and regulatory relief. Cantor didn’t seem impressed.

“What I heard was a sense that somehow business in America needs to respond and act in a way that is somehow grateful for Washington’s acts,” he told reporters assembled for his weekly meeting. He rejected any “sort of quid pro quo,” from business. “I think that misses the mark. ”

Previewing what he is going to tell the president, he said he would say that with ” future deficits, you’re going to have a crowding out of private capital. If you do, businesses will not grow, you will overall retard economic growth, you will bring on inflation, you going to erode the value of the dollar, and you’re going to create an economic environment that you’re ultimately reduce consumer power and ultimately the standard of living in America.”

That’s a mouthful. Ought to be an interesting lunch.