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Obama's Super Bowl interview with O'Reilly

Quick notes as it aired.  I got two major takeaways:

-President Obama insists that he cut taxes during his first two years in office, fails to provide any evidence to support.  Evidence to the contrary: ObamaCare’s individual mandate, which the government has called a tax when defending it in court.

-President Obama downplayed the threat of a Muslim Brotherhood takeover of Egypt. He described them as having an ideology with “strains of anti-US” politics, or words to that effect, implying that there might be strains of pro-US sentiment within the Brotherhood. Or, at the very least, that there are different opinions at play within the Brotherhood, making it like any other political movement. He also said that the Brotherhood doesn’t have majority support in Egypt, which may or may not be true, and which in any case may not matter overmuch. Chaos empowers the ruthless and the organized, and the Brotherhood is, unfortunately, both.