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Remember Obama's Cairo speech? He doesn't hold them spellbound any more

Do you remember President Obama’s mesmerizing Cairo speech before throngs of Obama-loving Egyptians? The title for his dreamy speech before the Arab masses was “A New Beginning.Finally, the hope, the promise of an American President sympathetic to the dreams of the Arab man in the street!

Well, no more.  According a Zogby International Report, “Egyptians are disappointed with President Barack Obama and have a decidedly negative view of U.S. policy in the Middle East.”

Here are some Zogby public opinion numbers, after two years of an Obama foreign policy that was silent on human rights in the Middle East but apoplectic on Jewish apartment condos in Jerusalem:

– 85% had an unfavorable attitude toward the U.S.

– 87% had no confidence in the U.S.

– 92% named the U.S. as one of two nations that are the greatest threat to them