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Another reason for America to disdain Washington

America loves to hate Washington D.C.  The owner of the Washington Redskins has given the country one more reason to do so.  On the biggest football weekend of the year, one of the most bizarre football stories in memory broke.  Daniel Snyder, the Redskins owner has sued a small weekly paper for defamation.   Part of the lawsuit involves the paper drawing horns and a beard on a photo of Snyder like kids do in elementary school yearbooks.  I won’t link to the story so Mr. Snyder won’t unleash his legal hell-hounds on Pajamas, but if you first go to the Washington Post story here, you can get to the offending article easy enough.  It makes for quite a read, including the sale at the stadium of likely rancid peanuts bought at least a year earlier from a bankrupted airline. The Redskins were once beloved in Washington and across much of the south where they were the “local” professional sports team in an age when the south had none of any sort.  When you read the bizarre Washington City Paper account of Snyder’s stewardship of the Redskins, you’ll see why that is no longer the case.  More sizzling Washington Post coverage here, and here and here.