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Is Syria next?

The call for a “Day of Rage” in Syria this weekend is spreading. Unlike Egypt, where the dictator’s fall can actually bring about a worse form of tyrant, unrest and downfall in Syria would be unambiguously a good thing.

Calls for protests in Syria are spreading on social media websites, following popular uprisings in Tunisia and Egypt.

Organisers say protests will be staged in front of the parliament in the capital, Damascus, on Friday and Saturday, and at Syrian embassies across the world.

Several pages have been set up on Facebook, with the most popular one, named “The Syrian Revolution“, “liked” by about 13,000 people by Thursday.

However, many of those writing comments on Facebook appeared to be Syrians living abroad calling on their “brothers” at home to protest.

Question: If Syrians rise up and protest Assad’s dictatorship en masse, will President Obama hear their voices?