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Re: SF Dem supervisor refuses to cite the Pledge

Hey Christian, I think this story as a news story is mostly a yawner — no one should be forced to recite the pledge, and anti-pledge attitudes tend to be sanctimonious and tiresome — but this one has an extra interesting hook to it.  The SF city super in question, Jane Kim, is a Greenie.  As in, a former Green Party member turned Democrat.  Her reasoning for not reciting the pledge is…weak, and based on the quote you published, she’s literally letting the perfect be the enemy of the good.  Unless she thinks we’re not even good. Or there’s another country out there doing it better than we do.  I’d be interested to hear her thoughts on that, actually.

But she doesn’t even respect the laws she’s sworn to uphold.  When she’s not busy posing for magazine covers, the super agitates in favor of extending San Francisco’s sanctuary city regime:

The real strength of District 6 lies in the diversity of its people. We must be vigilant in supporting opportunities for our immigrant neighbors to prosper. It is not enough to hide behind the fact that San Francisco is a sanctuary city—we must enact policies that celebrate the contributions by immigrant shopkeepers, artisans, and entrepreneurs.

Emphasis added.  This is the kind of person whose ideas win elections in San Francisco. And refuses to the cite the Pledge. And is perfectly welcome in today’s Democratic Party.