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Hold Your Enemies Close, And...

(Jonathan Ernst/Pool Photo via AP)

Obama is gushing about the Egyptian demonstrators.  According to al-AP:

President Barack Obama says the passion and dignity demonstrated by the people of Egypt has been an inspiration. He says young protesters will reach their destiny.

In brief remarks at the White House Tuesday evening, the president said, “We hear your voices.”

He didn’t say anything remotely similar about the young Iranians who risked their lives–including many who were arrested, tortured and murdered by the regime–for freedom in Iran.

This is the man who insisted that Muslim Brotherhood followers be invited to his 2009 speech in Cairo. Some MB people, including the worst criminals, have been broken out of Egyptian prisons and were no doubt part of that crowd.  Let’s hope they, at least, don’t succeed in gaining control.  I won’t comment on whether they are likely to reach their destiny because I don’t know what it means in English.

What I do know is that this peculiar president has a tendency to cater to the enemies of the United States but is at best indifferent to our friends.  Appalling.  And Scary.