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Are your pets killing you?

I just read Julia Szabo’s coverage of an alleged new medical emergency: According to “two senior veterinarians,” sleeping with your pets is fatal!!!

She rightly rebuts the article’s use of anecdotes. But what struck me hardest was the social engineering aspect of the reporting. It’s the same formula used to promote gun control.

  1. Create a problem. Use manipulated research and fractured datasets to “prove” a danger.
  2. Use rhetoric and innuendo to instill fear among the masses.
  3. Promulgate the myth that regular people are helpless, and that only government can solve the problem.
  4. Use the manufactured emergency to convince people to part with more of their hard-earned cash to pay for a new government bureaucracy to address the problem.

There’s also the self-serving “let the professionals handle it” message:

“The risk of getting sick from being close with your pets is real, but most of the diseases they pass on to humans can be identified and eliminated by regular veterinary care.”

Since the government is going to delve deeper into your pocket, why not let the veterinarians have a cut? After all, they created this crisis/opportunity.

This “transfer of wealth” formula is all about grabbing more money and power. The goal is a return to feudalism.

That’s why it’s so important that government education fails: Uneducated people make better sheep.