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Hot off the press: New Black Panther report released by USCCR

Hot off the press is the report on the New Black Panther dismissal by the United States Commission on Civil Rights.  What is my reaction?  The report is large and thorough.   I was highly impressed by the writing of Commissioner Gail Heriot.   She provides compelling insight on a number of legal and factual issues that I believe nobody has yet provided, including ones which escaped me.   I am particularly impressed with her writing as a writer, not just as a lawyer.   She commands the details of the subject as well as the broader implications of the matter.   The dissent written by Commissioner Michael Yaki primarily seems to have undergone a retreat of sorts from some of the earlier bluster.   That is their right, and I would too given the circumstances.  On a number of occasions, the dissent makes plainly false statements.  Speaker John Boehner should take that into consideration before completing the paperwork on Yaki’s re-nomination.   The public has little patience for forked tongues.    I detail some of them at my blog along with other observations.   

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