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Your best friends can sometimes really hurt you!

Long time Barry pal Neil Abercrombie, the new governor of Hawaii, a very liberal former member of Congress and a diehard Obama fanatic, has rhetorically kicked the POTUS in the crotch.

The new governor pledged upon taking office this year to release all of the documents surrounding Obama’s birth in Hawaii, and put the crazy birther issue to bed once and for all.

Good for him.  I have never been a birther and was only amused at the dust-up this has caused for the past two years.

But governor Big Mouth has not only opened the can of worms, he has kicked the can way down the road and tipped it upside down.

Now reports come from friends of the governor that there are no documents to release, thus pouring barrels of fuel on the controversy!

This is not good news for the Obama forces, and I am sure they are livid at their old pal Neil for bringing this topic front and center, and providing endless distractions to the White House as they try and pivot towards the center.

This mild low-grade fever is now headed for full-scale infection:

More: Correction, restatement, recanting, retracting or circling the wagons update:

The reporter who unveiled this news has recanted and reworded his story.  What some reporters will do to keep their access?  Heartfelt recanting of a tall tale? Regrets about speaking out of school?   Regardless, readers should note that Mike Evans has a new version of what he said about birther Governor Neil Abercrombie.

This pot is well stirred and will boil on.