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When Academics Attack

University of Wisconsin law professor and blogger Ann Althouse unleashes a brutal old-fashioned Fisking on a letter sent out by the American Sociological Association in defense of Frances Fox Piven, and attacking Glenn Beck for the crime of accurately quoting Piven’s advocacy of violence. It’s a must-read.

Meanwhile, I like to point out just what was involved in those Greek riots Piven liked and wanted Americans to emulate:

At the same time, tens of thousands of protesters marched through Athens in the largest and most violent protests since the country’s budget crisis began last fall. Angry youths rampaged through the center of Athens, torching several businesses and vehicles and smashing shop windows. Protesters and police clashed in front of parliament and fought running street battles around the city.

Witnesses said hooded protesters smashed the front window of Marfin Bank in central Athens and hurled a Molotov cocktail inside. The three victims died from asphyxiation from smoke inhalation, the Athens coroner’s office said. Four others were seriously injured there, fire department officials said.

Just to keep the record straight on who’s actually, you know, advocating violence.