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In which I shoot down another Perry rumor

The Daily Caller asks “Is Rick Perry Running for President?” That’s sure to bring in some eyeballs, but once you read the story there’s no there there.  Is he running?  Only he and his wife know for sure at this point, but rumors are bound to fly when you’re such a polar opposite to the current administration, when your state’s track record is stellar when set beside other large states, and when you have a new book out and you’re head of the Republican Governors Association.  The stars are aligned to make Gov. Perry an obvious candidate for the presidency, but the DC’s story doesn’t actually get us closer to knowing whether he will run or not.  From what I’m hearing around Austin, the talented 2010 campaign team is being disassembled.  That’s strong, though not conclusive, evidence that he’s not running.

Which is too bad.  Not only is he a great governor, he’s a co-blogger here at the Tatler.  I was looking forward to dropping that particular line at all the fancy Austin bar-be-cue parties.