Marin County Shows Its True Colors

John Rosenberg reports that Marin County has run afoul of HUD by not having enough non-Caucasian residents.

I lived in Marin for 18 years. I sublet to a young woman who was an American of Hispanic descent. (Legal: I did a background check before signing the tenant agreement.) She busily pursued the American Dream, working one full-time and 2 part-time jobs. Her brother helped her buy a foreclosed house for rental income.


San Anselmo was over 90% Caucasian. One day, she told me that while walking home, a white female resident watched her suspiciously.

I explained to her how people love to proclaim their concern about the mistreatment “those people” suffer at the hands of racist xenophobes in America. However, when “those people” move next door, these “caring” people fear for their property values.

That’s Marin. There are Hispanics, but they live in the Canal District in San Rafael. There are Blacks, but they live in the projects in Marin City.

As long as everybody’s in their place, white Marinites feel good talking about how much they “care” without disturbing their affluent lifestyle.

Marin performed a great service, by destroying my own liberalism.


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