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Holder Puts Lipstick on a Pig

From the Lipstick On a Pig Department, the Justice Department released a statutorily mandated report on its enforcement of military voting rights under UOCAVA, the federal law protecting military voters.  Last year, Pajamas Media documented over and over again how Holder’s DOJ was dropping the ball by failing to “aggressively” protect military voters.  You can rehash the coverage of DOJ’s bumbling here or here or here or here.  This week’s DOJ spin crows “through the aggressive enforcement of the MOVE Act, the Attorney General initiated litigation or out-of-court agreements in 11 states, 2 territories and the District of Columbia.”  A closer examination reveals that many of these lawsuits were filed weeks after coverage at PJM about ballots failing to mail in time in those states.  Soldiers lost their votes because of the delay.  In other cases, DOJ entered settlement agreements that shrank the statutorily mandated time period for ballots to go out.  This is a report that Congress requires DOJ to complete.  The requirement was stuck into the law because Senators on the Rules Committee were keenly aware that certain bureaucrats at Justice won’t act “aggressively” unless their feet are held to the fire.  After the military voting mess of 2010, expect the Congressional scrutiny of DOJ to increase, perhaps, “aggressively.”