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CBS and Rasmussen Polls: Rhetoric and Tucson Shooting Unrelated

A new CBS News national poll out this morning shows that the nation is sane over the Arizona shooting — even if its national press corps and Democratic leaders are veering off into la la land.  According to CBS, six out of ten Americans believe there is no relation between the lone 22-year old shooter and national political rhetoric.  Most telling, independents side with this view 56 to 33%.  Throwing common sense to the wind, once again the political left and the Democratic Party may have inflicted damage to their reputation.  Rather than a shining moment for the Obama administration, this could be a dark day for Democratic leaders who have crassly politicized a human tragedy for potential political gain.  This could come back to haunt them.  This is reassuring testimony of the common sense of the American people.

Rasmussen’s latest poll agrees almost perfectly with the CBS poll: 58% do not believe politics and rhetoric had anything to do with the tragedy in Tucson.