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"Shoot him"

The malicious politicizing of a tragedy, and the outrageous hypocrisy of liberals over the terrible shooting of Rep. Gabrielle Giffords and other Arizonans, is all over the airwaves and the editorial pages.  As Charlie Martin points out, The New York Times has a commentary on its editorial page by former Pennsylvania Congressman Paul E. Kanjorski calling “on all Americans to create an atmosphere of civility and respect in which political discourse can flow freely, without fear of violent confrontation.”  Yet he said last October that Florida Governor Rick Scott should be killed.   In the same interview, Kanjorski said the health insurance industry was “about as corrupt as you can ask for” and “blood suckers.”  Kanjorski should look at himself in the mirror every morning and practice saying “I will engage in civility and respect” until he actually starts acting the way he is urging all the rest of us to act.