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Yakety Yaki and toxic politics

Of all the disgraceful reactions to the tragedy in Tucson, few were as disgraceful as the reaction of Michael Yaki, late of the United States Commission on Civil Rights.  As captured by Jen Rubin, Yaki waxed profound, stating the “current political climate is toxic beyond reason” and the victims were “martyrs to a culture of hate speech and violence we have done little to stop.”

This would be the same Michael Yaki who just a few months ago acccused me and Christopher Coates, another DOJ lawyer who risked his career to tell the truth about the Black Panther dismissal, of lying.  This is the same Michael Yaki who called me and Coates partisan hacks instead of confronting the substance of the under-oath testimony.  As of last Friday, Yaki had not been renominated by President Obama for another term on the Commission.  Will Obama reappoint a Civil Rights Commissioner who contributes to the “toxic” political climate in the most disgraceful way?  Lets hope not.