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Al-Shabaab video: "Comprehending basic tasks" for president "harder than the measurement of complementary variables in quantum mechanics."
It's a mystery.
Terror group encourages jihadists to be "a room full" of Woolwich killer Adebolajo -- "exactly what today's world needs."
“There’s no magic to it," he says of a border wall. "It’s a useful tool. It is not an artifact to be worshiped.”
Ilhan Omar said her campaign represented "what we as a nation want to be: united in our diversity."
California and Texas taking most refugees, who are also coming from Burma, Iraq and Somalia.
Social media guru for Al-Shabaab denies he had contact with San Bernardino shooters.
"Show world leaders the value of a safe, welcoming home for those fleeing unthinkable situation" with Airbnb residents from Syria, Somalia, Vietnam.