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The wages of "diversity" is division.
The tight-knit refugee community in Minnesota yields a disproportionate number of Islamic fighters. Why?
But the backlash somehow never comes.
DHS secretary "determined the ongoing armed conflict and extraordinary and temporary conditions that support Somalia’s current designation for TPS continue to exist."
Four additional U.S. service members and one member of a partner force were wounded.
“When we go on operations there’s no leaving anyone behind, even if it’s a 1-year old, I’m serious," militia leader was recorded saying.
"Little Mogadishu" is known for ISIS recruits and at least one terror attack.
ACLU: Despite inclusion of North Korea and Venezuelan officials, "the administration's order is still a Muslim ban."
"Show world leaders the value of a safe, welcoming home for those fleeing unthinkable situation" with Airbnb residents from Syria, Somalia, Vietnam.
Al-Shabaab video: "Comprehending basic tasks" for president "harder than the measurement of complementary variables in quantum mechanics."
It's a mystery.
Terror group encourages jihadists to be "a room full" of Woolwich killer Adebolajo -- "exactly what today's world needs."