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Whitehouse: “In a perfect world, cabinet positions wouldn’t be for sale to billionaire campaign donors."
Slams BDS at AIPAC: "Ask these so-called social justice crusaders, where are your boycotts against Iran?"
Majority leader tells AIPAC U.S. needs "clear, clear declaratory policy that says what we will do and why."
With "no indication" of White House's Iran strategy, "the time is ripe for Congress to assert its influence."
Prime minister tells AIPAC he's willing to work on peace deal with Trump and Arab neighbors.
UN Ambassador at AIPAC: "My concern is, you are seeing a lot of love for the Iran deal."
Paul Ryan tells conference U.S. must "explore options aimed at addressing most fatal flaws" of Iran deal.
Boycott campaigns "translating the old ideology of anti-Semitism into something acceptable for a new generation."
Should stores have to post nutritional information for every menu combination?
AARP warns lawmakers it will notify constituents of their votes.
Draining the swamp is “a bipartisan problem,” lawmaker argues.