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"Islamic oppression" and political unrest endangers Mormons.
Video shows Turkey-backed fighters mutilating the body of Amina Omar, a Kurdish YPJ fighter, chanting "Allahu Akbar" and remarking, "Man, she’s pretty."
Erdoğan vows to continue op while Tillerson defends Turks; YPG says Russia complicit in deaths by allowing airspace use.
Shiite militias "are not fans of inclusive governance" and "want to Lebanon-ize Iraq, just like they’d like to Lebanon-ize Syria."
Trump: "We've had, for many years, very good relationship with the Kurds ... but we're not taking sides in that battle."
"We urge Iraqi Kurdish authorities to respect the constitutionally mandated role of the central government" in Baghdad, says secretary of State.
"There is no need to be angry and issue threats," Kurdish president says to Iraqi government, which demands airports and oil revenue.