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emmanuel macron

House Dem leader says French rejected "fake news and Russian hacks" that "propelled Donald Trump into office."
"I don’t believe in diplomacy by public abuse, but in my bilateral dialogues I won’t let anything pass," French president says.
In France, Macron offers all U.S. "scientists, engineers, engineers, entrepreneurs, responsible citizens" a "second homeland."
France's parliament will become Macron's little plaything.
"If it happens, that'll be wonderful."
From "Paris is no longer Paris" to praising Macron as a get-tough "great leader."
Was America's president celebrating the French Revolution?
Otherwise Trevor Noah thinks Emmanuel Macron would've punched him...
"What is next? Arm wrestling?"
Macron wants to cut defense spending.
President says U.S. considering "a really great parade to show our military strength."
"People do understand we need Europe in this current environment, because we have European values," French president says of landslide victory over Le Pen.