The Trump Trial Is the Most 'Two Americas' Thing I've Ever Seen

Justin Lane/Pool Photo via AP

While Democrats and their Never Trump lapdogs like to blame Donald Trump for the great divide in America today, the truth is that we were going to get here anyway. Democrats and Republicans have been drifting apart for decades, and it was inevitable that we would reach the point where we didn't agree on anything. 

Ever again.


I spend five days a week monitoring both conventional and social media from all across the American political spectrum.  Don't try this at home kids, it can be rough on delicate constitutions. Watching former President Trump's Manhattan kangaroo court trial play out has been like being in the midst of a fully straight and sober acid trip. 

If someone who had recently awakened from a coma dove back into the news in recent weeks by following a variety of political accounts on Twitter/X, he or she would have thought that Donald Trump was undergoing two completely different trials at the same time. 

For example, everyone on the Left thinks that Judge Juan Merchan is fair, brilliant, and maybe has superpowers. 

And then there's me: 

Honest people know that Merchan isn't one. It's obvious that he got to where he is by being corrupt for all the right people. It's not unusual for a scruples-free dirtbag to rise up the ranks of "public servants" in Manhattan, after all. 

Lawyers who I know and trust have repeatedly pointed out the flaws in the prosecution's case, such that it is. The consensus among them is that whatever manufactured garbage they were trying to pin on Trump and call it a case wasn't proven at all. 

The Left acts as if Trump was proven guilty of every crime ever committed in history in this trial. Their boy Hitler is SO off the hook because the prosecution proved beyond a reasonable doubt that Donald Trump is history's greatest monster. 

Politicians over the years have spoken about there being "two Americas." It originally referred to economic divides. Now it applies to everything. The judicial system in the Biden era has been going out of its way to prove that true. When was the last time a prominent Democrat was held accountable for any wrongdoing? 

It would be nice to think that a leader will one day emerge, get elected president, and close the chasm at least a little. It would also indicate signs of a concussion if one believes it will happen in our lifetimes. 

Donald Trump didn't cause the dark rift in America, he exposed it. 

Democrats used to work hard to hide their more unsavory tendencies. They were pretty good at it for the most part. Their flying monkeys in the mainstream media put a lot of effort into veiling their biases. Those of us who were political junkies knew what was going on, but Jim and Edna Flyovercountry didn't. 

When Trump was elected, the Dems and their media mouthpieces went into full snot bubble toddler tantrum mode and the masks came off. Leftists are now flaunting their hatred of the Constitution and the rule of law, as well as their love for authoritarian government. The mainstream media hacks wear cheerleader skirts to work to pen brain-dead propaganda pieces for Joe Biden. 

I don't think we're going to make up in time for a peaceful Thanksgiving dinner. 

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