Good Luck Chasing the Youth Vote Unicorn, Grandpa Joe

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The people running Joe Biden's presidential campaign spend their days trying to dig out of a hole that the people running Joe Biden's brain keeps making deeper. He has no record to run on, and their attempts to ship former President Donald Trump off to jail have thus far been ineffective. Although we are still more than five months out from the election, these people are in "Please pass the Prilosec" desperation mode. 


The campaign strategy from Team Biden is the equivalent of watching a football team with homefield advantage throw nothing but Hail Mary passes to start the third quarter.

After spending a couple of months destroying the longstanding close alliance between the United States and Israel in the pursuit of Hamas-friendly electoral votes in Michigan, the campaign has decided to suck up to the youth vote again. 

Rick wrote on Wednesday that Biden is back to ignoring the law and canceling more student debt: 

Now Biden is once again waving his magic wand and making billions of dollars in student loan debt disappear.

“From day one of my administration, I promised to fight to ensure higher education is a ticket to the middle class, not a barrier to opportunity,” President Joe Biden said in a statement. “I will never stop working to cancel student debt — no matter how many times Republican-elected officials try to stop us.”

It's not "Republican elected officials" who are stopping you from just disappearing $1.6 trillion in debt. It's the Supreme Court of the United States. And higher education is only a "barrier" when students are allowed to take on far more debt than they can ever repay.

It's also not the Republicans who made a college education cost a kajillion dollars a year. That would be the work of the leftists who run Academia. They're rabid anti-capitalists in all things except lining their own pockets. 


The youth vote is an electoral unicorn that both parties chase in earnest every presidential election year. The demographic never quite turns out the way that the "experts" predict it will. The kids didn't get Biden elected in 2020. It was bored suburban housewives who were so unfulfilled in their marriages that they spend an inordinate amount of time watching "The View" who turned out in droves for Basement Joe. The kids were all Bernie Sanders fans in the last two elections and most likely stayed home with their gummies and Playstations during each one. 

Bernie isn't around this year, but "Free Palestine" Nazi fever on college campuses is. When Biden and other Democrats are heckled during public appearances, these are the people who are doing it. Throwing Israel under the bus was definitely also aimed at winning the hearts, minds and votes of the Hitler Youth encampments. 

Biden's popularity continues to hover somewhere between that of chronic diarrhea and having one's eyelids propped open and being forced to watch Seth Meyers monologues on a loop, with diarrhea being far and away the favorite of the three. 

This latest scofflaw move from President LOLEightyonemillion probably won't get the youth demo to show up in big numbers for him, mostly because it rarely does. If the young'uns do vote, they'll probably be doing the protest thing for a fringe candidate. The Biden administration could probably buy them all houses this summer and still not get much of a bounce. 


All they're really doing is freeing up more money for the kids to spend on gummies and Playstation games. 

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