NY Times Continues to Report on a Joe Biden Who Doesn't Exist

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Paraphrasing a line made popular by Mark Twain: There are lies, damned lies, and whatever The New York Times is writing about Joe Biden.

I’ve written many times in the last few years that the Times and the other Democrat cheerleaders in the mainstream media have been engaged in the largest exercise in creative writing ever, since they began selling Joe Biden as dignified and calm during the 2020 presidential campaign. I’ve also written that they seem to believe that none of us have access to the internet.


As someone who writes about liberal bias in the media more than any other topic, I also read a lot of what is written by the propagandists. The alternative reality accounts of who Joe Biden is that I’ve read since 2020 have been like nothing I’ve ever seen, even during the eight years that these people were swooning over His High Holiness, the Lightbringer Barack Obama.

They were, of course, covering for Biden throughout his career. The way it used to be was that they would acknowledge that Biden was a spaz — in more polite terms — and then shrug it off. They had no problem when the Vice President of the United States of America said, “This is a big f***in’ deal!” on a hot mic.

Now they’re just creating Joe Biden out of whole cloth.

On Independence Day, a sycophantic fluffer named Reid J. Epstein wrote a staggering piece of fiction in The New York Times which claimed Joe Biden doesn’t really get in the muck and the mire of social issues.

No, really.

The New York Times:

And even as the Democratic Party makes the fight for abortion rights central to its political message, Mr. Biden last week declared himself “not big on abortion.”

At a moment when the American political parties are trading fierce fire from the trenches of a war over social and cultural policy, the president is staying out of the fray.

White, male, 80 years old and not particularly up-to-date on the language of the left, Mr. Biden has largely avoided becoming enmeshed in contemporary battles over gender, abortion and other hotly contested social issues — even as he does things like hosting what he called “the largest Pride Month celebration ever held at the White House.”

Let’s deal with the “out of the fray” nonsense first.

Since the latter part of the Nixon presidency, Joey Scranton has been one of the most divisive and combative elected officials in the upper echelon of American politics. Biden sweats fray. He’s built his political career on a foundation of fray. Even in his addled dotage, President LOLEightyonemillion tries to take a dip in the fray pool every day.

Epstein is so spectacularly wrong about all of this that we can actually set aside the transgender-flashing-boobs controversy that happened during “the largest Pride Month celebration ever held at the White House.” Let’s just look at abortion.

Biden professes to be a practicing and devout Roman Catholic, and the MSM loves telling us that he is. Well, being “not big on abortion” isn’t a valid Catholic position. We’re opposed to it. Unequivocally. Catholic Democrats continue to insist that there is some wiggle room on the subject, but the Church doesn’t do “wobbly” when it comes to the rules.

As for the not-getting-too-deep-into-it stuff, one need look no further than Biden’s Twitter account to find that Epstein is a liar for hire. I didn’t even bother to look at the POTUS account because the Joe Biden one was so full of refutation of Epstein’s nonsense. On the anniversary of the overturning of Roe v Wade, Biden’s account was flooded with tweets that were red meat for the “Shout your abortion!” crowd. For example:

Gosh, he seems pretty into it there.

“But wait, Kruiser,” some people may be thinking, “that’s just the social media manager who runs his account.” True, but it’s still part of the Sir Sniffsalot branding.

Then, from a few days later, there’s this:

That dude is neck-deep in the fray. He sounds more like he’s running to be president of NARAL than of the United States. The creeper voice for emphasis is another Biden specialty that destroys 75% of the leftmedia narratives about him.

Much of Epstein’s article after that dutifully seeks to portray Biden as an elder-statesman moderate voice in the Democratic Party. That is, of course, the number one marching order issued to the flying monkeys in the mainstream media by the Democratic National Committee, now that Biden has forced himself upon the party for another election.

I hold Epstein’s article up as refutation of the notion that many of my friends and colleagues have put forward — that the MSM is turning on Biden in an effort to install Gavin Newsom or Zeus or an FDR hologram as the nominee.

Creative Biden Writing 101 is still holding class daily at every coastal media bubble outlet in America.

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