NY Times Already Busy Repackaging Biden as Working Class and Thoughtful for 2024

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If Joe Biden is truly running for re-election, then his flying monkeys in the mainstream media are going to have to work even harder than they did in 2020 to create a fictional version of him that appeals to voters.


Working in conjunction with the Democratic National Committee, legacy media propagandists worked to fashion out of whole cloth a Joe Biden who didn’t exist. They weren’t evoking a Biden from a bygone era either — the guy they presented to the American public in 2019-20 never existed.

Fake 2020 Joe Biden was a thoughtful man who used his moderate political stances to bring people together.

Real Joe Biden is — and always has been — a hateful, divisive piece of work who shoots from the lip and whose politics are malleable so he can adjust to whatever the moment requires of him. Kindly Grandpa Joe the Uniter was a pile of horse dung taller than those buildings they’re putting up in Dubai every week or so.

Even though Biden’s brain has long since exited the scene, the worst of his personality traits stubbornly remain. He is combative and inappropriate almost every time that he is let off leash by his puppet masters. It’s like watching a 10-year-old boy who is both riddled with ADHD and is emotionally on a part of the spectrum no one ever travels to.

The aforementioned cabal has apparently decided that they’re willing to run Old Joe into the ground in an attempt to hang onto power. Submitting an 80-year-old man to the rigors of a full American presidential campaign is cruel and unusual punishment, but it’s clear that the horrid people around him don’t care.


The media types who prop up Biden don’t have to be given marching orders. They’re professional propagandists and they know how to time their false narratives.

Ever the faithful lapdog, The New York Times devoted its President’s Day “The Morning” newsletter to once again creating a Joe Biden who isn’t there. It’s written by David Leonhardt, who should be given extra credit for his creative writing effort.

The New York Times:

I want to use today’s newsletter — on Presidents’ Day — to explain how President Biden thinks about the country and what distinguishes him from many other leading Democrats. To do so, I spent time at the White House last week talking with senior officials and emerged with a clearer sense of why Biden and his inner circle believe that he should run for re-election.

You may not agree with them. He is already 80 years old. But even if you think his age should be disqualifying for 2024, Biden’s analysis of American politics is worth considering. He believes that he understands public opinion in ways that many of his fellow Democrats do not, and there is reason to think he is correct.

The headline on this is “How Biden Thinks.” Note, however, that Leonhardt doesn’t talk to Joe Biden to see how he thinks, he talks to “senior officials.” The reason for this is that Joseph Robinette Biden has never been one of our great political thinkers. Anybody trying to attribute a philosophical bent to Biden is stretching to the point of breaking.


What follows is something I’ve been seeing more of in recent weeks in various leftwing media examinations of a Biden 2024 run: a rehashing of his life story in various lengths. Get ready to read and hear “Scranton” a lot. They want you to think that his scrappy Scranton boyhood made him the man he is today. He left there when he was 10-years-old and hasn’t lived there for seven decades, but, hey, why let reality blur the narrative?

It’s a working-class upbringing that never happened but by the time the writers of Biden fanfic are done with the story you’d swear that he worked in a coal mine until the day he was sworn into the United States Senate.

Leonhardt spends much of the newsletter portraying Biden’s political choices as being solely driven by his identification with — and concern for — the working class. It’s a bit much to take, given the fact that Joe Biden has spent over half of a century working in the elite upper tier of American politics. The military equivalent of Biden’s political career would be entering the Army as a full-bird colonel and ending up as a four-star general.

He has no working knowledge of the experience of regular Americans who are lower on the food chain. I’d be stunned to find that Joe Biden has been in a retail establishment for anything other than a campaign photo-op since Reagan was president.


I’ve said for the last two years that it must be exhausting for the Democratic propagandists in the media to keep propping up a president who isn’t really there.

It’s becoming equally exhausting watching them do it.

If they’re successful again, the whole country might get worn out for good.

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