Democrats' Idea of Diplomacy Is Infantile

Denis Balibouse/Pool Photo via AP

The United States of America is under a bit of duress these days. I’m in the mood for understatement, bear with me.

As long as President LOL Eightyonemillion is doing whatever the heck it is that he does in the Oval Office, we’re going to have too many crises to ponder all at once. We will need to learn how to prioritize our panic about the future of our beloved Republic.

This week, it’s international relations.

As The Wall Street Journal noted on Monday, things are unraveling on three fronts around the globe right now:

In Washington, President Biden this week convenes a summit of the world’s democracies. But the real drama for the democratic world is unfolding elsewhere around the globe.

Three potential crises are proceeding in tandem: a potential Russian invasion of Ukraine, continuing Chinese pressure on Taiwan and the potential collapse of Iran nuclear talks.

Any one of these standoffs has the potential to shake the world order and produce wider conflict. Taken together, they signal that the U.S. and its allies are at a dangerous moment—perhaps more dangerous than many Americans realize. The challenge for President Biden and the democratic leaders he’ll be consulting with this week is to find a way to show firmness on each front without provoking a crisis.

For those of us who wake up and participate in reality every day, Biden and the Democrats haven’t exhibited even minimal competence when it comes to handling anything. Hoping for the best when it comes to international powder kegs is a bit of a stretch. To say that I am not optimistic would be an even bigger understatement than the one with which I began this column.

When a real American president is away, the bad actors around the world will play. Virtually every international thug on the planet knows that Biden is weak, addled, and hampered by the modern Democrats’ view of diplomacy. The latter is the real problem.

Democrats think that merely uttering the phrase “diplomacy” accomplishes something. I am not at all eschewing first seeking diplomatic solutions to potential problems, but diplomacy needs to have some implied strength behind it to be effective.

When modern American Democrats ponder the U.S. reputation on the world stage, they view it through a prism of desperately needing to be liked. When dealing with the worst of the international leaders, however, it’s most often better to be feared.

Nobody is afraid of Joe Biden.

Biden and Russian President Vladimir Putin had a video stare-down on Tuesday over Russia’s saber-rattling around Ukraine. At this point, one gets the distinct impression that Putin only indulges Western leaders in situations like this so he can laugh about it with his friends over shots of vodka later.

Biden threatened economic sanctions, which may very well give Putin pause but probably won’t completely sway him. Russia hasn’t given much thought to economic consequences since the end of the Cold War.

The mere fact that Democrats didn’t view Russia as a real threat from the end of the Cold War until they fabricated the Trump/Russia collusion hoax to cope with their embarrassing 2016 defeat in the presidential election tells you everything you need to know about just how unserious they are when it comes to actual threats. We all remember The Lightbringer now infamously dismissing Mitt Romney’s concerns about Russia with a bit of juvenile snark during a 2012 presidential debate.

The Democrats have spent most of this year insisting that the real threats to America are some drunk dude wearing a hat with horns on it and parents who dare show up at school board meetings to express interest in their kids’ education.

Again, these are not serious people.

After the unmitigated disaster when withdrawing from Afghanistan, it’s difficult to even take military threats from this administration seriously. Does our woke military brass really have the stones to dig in for a protracted interaction with Russia, which has been erecting supply lines for months to prepare for conflict?

Yeah … no.

The MSM will no doubt carry extra water to make it seem as if Biden is large and in charge right now.

Meanwhile, Putin, Xi, and Ayatollah Whatshisname are all texting “LOL” to each other.


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