[VIDEO] Kruiser's 'Beyond the Briefing'—No Unity in a Time of Crisis in Biden's America

The laundry list of things to lament here in the Biden era seems to grow by the minute, especially after this week. I prefer to be in a good mood but even I’m finding myself questioning the decision to get out of bed and engage the world more and more these days.


There was an entirely different script planned for this week’s BTB episode but that was scrapped when I awoke to the horrific news from Afghanistan on Thursday. What I ended up doing was extemporaneously musing on how Americans have responded to crises in the past and where we are with that today.

Cheery, it isn’t.

Thank you, VIP subscribers, for being there for us. Now more than ever we’re grateful for you.

I would say “Enjoy!” but that seems a little too lighthearted for this week.

Stay strong.



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