Tyrannical Oregon Gov. Kate Brown Reinstates Outdoor Mask Mandate

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The Mask Attack Is Back

Happy March 542, 2020, everyone. Our “15 days to flatten the curve” have gotten a bit bloated.

A little over six months ago in my Morning Briefing, I warned that the petty tyrants were going to use the variant panic to keep the mandates around. I may not have exactly been channeling Nostradamus on that one, but I did make the observation before the Delta variant was being blamed for everything but the snake in the Garden of Eden. Many of us had been observing throughout 2020 that these mediocrities who’d managed to get elected to office weren’t going to give up their undeserved, pandemic-induced power under any circumstances.


If you’re looking for a pedestrian, predictable commie to prove you right about such things, Oregon Gov. Kate Brown rarely disappoints.


Oregon Gov. Kate Brown (D) on Tuesday announced a new statewide outdoor mask mandate requiring people to wear masks in most outdoor settings regardless of vaccination status.

State of play: Starting Friday, Oregonians will be required to wear masks outdoors when physical distancing is not possible. While the mandate does not apply to outdoor gatherings in private residences, masks are “strongly recommended” when people from different households cannot remain socially distanced.

  • The rule also does not apply to “fleeting encounters,” such as when two people walk by one another on a trail or in a park.

That’s very benevolent of the overlords to allow the peasantry to walk by one another in public without having to fumble for a mask. Maybe they can issue some conversation protocols to help the great unwashed figure things out.

We’re now once again supposed to be treating the masks as if they were Captain America shields and giving us superpowers. That, of course, knee-caps the fevered push for getting vaccinated, as my good friend and RedState colleague Kira Davis so eloquently tweeted:


All I know for certain is that if the message remains that both masks and vaccinations are needed, then they’re going to alienate far more people than they win over. They know that too. It’s just an excuse to implement more mandates.

Again, this isn’t about public health. Almost nothing that has been done in the name of public health since March of last year has had anything to do with it. It’s been about power grabs and union paybacks. These people really don’t care whether you live or die.

It won’t be long before they’re requiring you to wear a mask that you have to pull down while showing your vaccine papers to be out and about in public.

Welcome to New East Berlin.



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