[WATCH] Kruiser's 'Beyond the Briefing'—Don't Be a Code Pink Vagina Costume Conservative

Hot Takes Leave Me Cold

Simone Biles was all the rage — quite literally — with much of conservative Twitter this week, and I use that as a launching point (gymnastics pun intended) about Twitter, hot takes, and constipation.


There is a lot of self-examination in this video–I hope you will enjoy my journey of self-discovery.

Kidding, I’m in a bit of a mood here and those can often be a lot of fun from the outside. That’s what I really hope you will enjoy. I never stay in rant mode, especially after I discovered pickle-flavored chips at Trader Joe’s. Every once in a while, however, I feel the need to express myself, and that’s what this new venture is all about.

I must once again issue a language warning here. My filter is nonexistent once I get going.

But I make it work.

Oh, Bryan, Other Stephen, and I had a good discussion about Simone Biles during our VIP Gold “5 O’Clock Somewhere” live chat on Thursday.



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