Predictably, the New York Times Sends Lincoln Project Off Into Useful Idiots Land

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Even the Times Is Done With the Lincoln Project Cash Grab Scam

Gosh, who could have seen this coming?

American politics in the modern media era are absolutely polluted with useful idiot Republicans who have traded principles for a few “Atta boy!” scratches behind the ears from Democrats and their mouthpieces at The New York Times.


None of them seem to have access to the internet because they all miss the news that virtually every Republican useful idiot ceases to be useful to his or her Democrat masters at some point.

The traveling grift squad known as the Lincoln Project is finding that out the hard way.

Despite being vehemently #NeverTrump, the best case scenario for the Lincoln Project would have been for him to still be in office. If he were, the “useful” part of useful idiots would still be in play. Now they’re just idiots. As soon as Joe Biden was put in the Oval Office to play with his Legos while his puppet masters make policy decisions, the services of the Lincoln Project were no longer needed.

Since then, we’ve seen the group’s fortunes disintegrate rather rapidly.

The onetime Lincoln Project cheerleading squad known as The New York Times has been slowly turning on the group. This week, it made the breakup permanent with an in-depth exposé on just how corrupt the former golden boys were and are. Not only does the Times write about the scandals that have been revealed in recent months, but it goes into the real reason that the LP founders formed the group in the first place: to get stinkin’ rich.

The New York Times:

A few days before the presidential election, the leadership of the anti-Trump Lincoln Project gathered at the Utah home of Steve Schmidt, one of the group’s co-founders, and listened as he plotted out the organization’s future.

None of the dissident Republican consultants who created the Lincoln Project a year earlier had imagined how wildly successful it would be, pulling in more than $87 million in donations and producing scores of viral videos that doubled as a psy-ops campaign intended to drive President Donald J. Trump to distraction. Confident that a Biden administration was on the horizon, Mr. Schmidt, a swaggering former political adviser to John McCain and Arnold Schwarzenegger, pitched the other attendees on his post-Trump vision for the project over a breakfast of bagels and muffins. And it was ambitious.

“Five years from now, there will be a dozen billion-dollar media companies that don’t exist today,” he told the group, according to two people who attended. “I would like to build one, and would invite all of you to be part of that.”

In fact, Mr. Schmidt and the three other men who started the Lincoln Project — John Weaver, Reed Galen and Rick Wilson — had already quietly moved to set themselves up in the new enterprise, drafting and filing papers to create TLP Media in September and October, records show. Its aim was to transform the original project, a super PAC, into a far more lucrative venture under their control.

This was not the only private financial arrangement among the four men. Shortly after they created the group in late 2019, they had agreed to pay themselves millions of dollars in management fees, three people with knowledge of the deal said.


The fact that these guys were in it for the money is one of the worst kept secrets in American politics. I can almost guarantee you that none of this is news to the Times. When the Lincoln Project was needed to attack Trump before the election no one in the MSM was going to portray Schmidt and Co. as anything but the most principled Republicans on Earth, motivated solely by the fact that they were horrified by all things Donald Trump.

Prior to last November 3rd, the Times did nothing but tell Stevie, Ricky, and the gang that they were the prettiest girls at the homecoming dance.

Now they’re being told never to call again.

A lot of conservatives have waves of schadenfreude washing over them as they watch the Left turn on those who were involved with the Lincoln Project. I do not. While it is delightful to see the likes of the Times shooing the Lincoln Project to the curb, all it means is that this current scam is over for them. They no doubt were hoping that it would go on for years.

These guys aren’t finished, no matter how badly we would like them to be. Political consultants are perhaps the most accomplished con artists in America. They’re a vestigial teat on the 21st-century American political process, yet they still manage to convince candidates that they’re essential. They’ve all probably begun identifying sucker squish Republican candidates who have deep pockets and whom they can convince to spend tens of thousands of dollars a month for advice on how to send out mailers.


Perhaps this meltdown has been public enough to poison the well for them for a while.

Then again, it’s American politics. The idiot pool runs deep on both sides of the aisle.

Lincoln Project Finds Way to Become Even Bigger Bottom-Feeders Than They Already Were

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