Democrats Don't Care About Your Children and They Never Have. School Lockdowns Prove It.

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The Biggest Lie the Democrats Ever Told

In my three plus decades of conservative political activism I’ve pretty much learned every go-to trick in the Democrats’ playbook. As leftism is — and always has been — devoid of logic and intellect, the Dems have become very adept at manipulating emotions. They have to be, of course.


A prime example is the narrative they created over the years about increases in Medicare’s budget. Any time Republicans discuss a reduction in the rate of increase the Democrats start screaming about draconian cuts and dead grandmas. Paring something off of a budgetary increase that hasn’t yet happened isn’t a cut. It’s still more money even if it does happen. The Democrats’ narrative — generously assisted by the mainstream media — has been very effective at scaring seniors into voting for them for a very long time now. It also masks the fact that Medicare is always getting funding boosts that are far bigger that what it was projected to need.

When the Democrats aren’t making baseless claims about Republicans murdering the elderly, they can usually be found trotting out the children of America for use as smokescreen human shields to hide various leftist shakedown policies behind. They love attaching “Do it for the children,” to their sales pitches, pretending that the well being of the kiddies is what is motivating them.

The pandemic struggles of the past year have exposed the hypocrisy of the American Left in myriad ways. They’ve shown casual disregard for all Americans with their approach to dealing with COVID-19. The lockdowns have ruined lives. Yes, Republican governors have gotten in on the action too, and they will be held accountable. They don’t spend their time hiding behind kids though.

The lockdowns have been hitting the younger people in the United States especially hard. My friend Bethany Mandel has an absolutely brutal detailing of the problem in the New York Post:


On Twitter recently, writer Ann Bauer recounted a meeting she attended with a Minnesota lawmaker about school closures in her area. Parents testified that they’re worried about suicides; a 15-year-old growing up in the wealthy suburb sobbed about how she has gone to a place “so dark, she didn’t know if she’d get out.”

Continued lockdowns are killing our kids — literally.

A Las Vegas school district saw such a spike in suicide numbers, it rushed forward its reopening plan. The superintendent explained to The New York Times, “When we started to see the uptick in children taking their lives, we knew it wasn’t just the COVID numbers we need to look at anymore. We have to find a way to put our hands on our kids, to see them, to look at them. They’ve got to start seeing some movement, some hope.”

Chris Buckner, the father of a young man in Illinois who committed suicide, told the media that “the teen had been battling depression the last few years, but his depression worsened significantly after COVID hit.’”

The most severe and onerous lockdowns have been in states and cities run by Democrats, the state of California and the city of Los Angeles being prime examples. Despite there never being any real evidence that lockdowns, curfews, and stay at home orders were doing anything to help, Democrats in charge of various places in America kept flexing their tyrannical muscles just because they could.

Those lockdowns, of course, involved schools. Or still involve schools.

The three largest school public school systems in the U.S. are, not surprisingly, in New York, Los Angeles, and Chicago. Public school teachers’ unions in each have been issuing lists of leftist demands to be met before they will return to teaching. According to them, they’re risking their lives if they return to work.


There has never been any evidence to support this. In fact, it’s been known for months now that the opposite is true.

They don’t care if your kids ever get back to school. The evidence is overwhelming that it is safe for the teachers and the kids to be back in classrooms. The kids being out of classrooms is what puts them at risk.

Bethany’s conclusion in the Post article is sobering:

Millions of American kids are struggling, and their chances for long-term improved mental health is predicated on the notion that we will now prioritize their emotional well-being, which our society has tragically shown it has no intention of doing.

Our hope for raising an emotionally healthy and mentally stable generation is dissipating with every day kids are kept locked in their bedrooms and out of schools. Skyrocketing rates of depression and anxiety are in no small part due to the fact that children feel neglected and forgotten, and they are not wrong to feel that way.

Our society has abandoned them and treated them as disposable. The damage caused by this abandonment is incalculable, and compounding every day we allow inertia, irrationality and the craven priorities of teachers unions to rule our decision-making.

President Biden was elected because he promised a laser-like, robust pandemic response from the federal government. Since he’s been in office his focus has been on implementing a job-destroying green agenda, while his Democratic colleagues on Capitol Hill have been keeping busy with whining about the former president.


It matters not to them that there are teenagers who are losing the will to live.

As long as they can talk about windmills and the evils of Donald Trump.

COVID-19 Has Exposed Teachers’ Unions as the Shakedown Artists They Really Are


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