Kruiser's (Almost) Daily Distraction: What Do Michelle Obama and Zombie Movies Have In Common?

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I’ve Done the Research, People

Let me begin by saying that I know I’ve been slacking with this mini-column this week. The week GOT AWAY from me. It didn’t occur to me until late Wednesday night when I was working on the next day’s Morning Briefing that I hadn’t done one of these since last Friday.

Mea culpa.

Anyway, let us move on with a couple of quick things from the madness that is our world.

We all know that the level of fawning over all things Biden has been beyond ridiculous. One of the more irritating things I’ve noticed is the constant raving about the fashion sense of the women of Team Gropes. No, seriously. After four years of having an ACTUAL FASHION MODEL in the White House who looked absolutely perfect every time she was near a camera, we’re now supposed to believe that Kamala Harris’s standard female corporate-issue black pants and Jill Biden’s frumpy chic are the cutting edge of style.

Things reached a new level of absurdity when, in an effort to make sure that The Lightbringer didn’t feel slighted by all of the attention that his former veep was getting, BuzzFeed (yeah, I know) posted something about Michelle Obama’s stunning fashion sense.

Yes, that Michelle Obama:

This is the woman who most of the time dressed like Carol Burnett in the Gone With the Wind parody skit.

The answer to the question in the headline is “absolutely nothing.”

I just needed a hook and wanted to recommend a movie that was released fifteen months ago but I just got around to watching this past Tuesday.

I generally don’t like zombie fare anymore. Sure, I was a big George Romero fan back in the day but it’s a genre that’s way overdone and almost completely out of entertaining ideas. The Walking Dead is garbage and I’m forever mystified by its popularity.

While working on the Briefing the other night I decided to take a chance on Zombieland: Double Tap, mostly because I liked the cast. It’s a follow-up to Zombieland, which was made ten years before the sequel.

It’s hilarious. I haven’t been that entertained by a new(er) movie in a long time. It’s not really about the zombies, which is probably why I liked it. It’s about the humorous relationships between the quirky characters.

I haven’t worked out my own personal movie rating system yet but I highly recommend it.

Don’t forget to AMA.

Here’s the trailer (MILD LANGUAGE WARNING):


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