Dear Democrats: Here's What You Can Do With Your Unity Candle

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Let the Healing and Unity Not Begin

This is something that I touched upon in Monday’s Morning Briefing but have wanted to write more about since even before the election.


Let me get this out of the way first: this is all assuming that Biden wins the election. It doesn’t mean I don’t think the president’s legal team should be doing all that they are right now, it’s just that I prepare for everything. People are touchy right now and act like anyone speculating about a Biden presidency is some sort of heretic. We’re not even a week in and I’m already sick of writing this disclaimer.

Now onto the thing.

The wholesale repackaging of Joe Biden as a kindly grandfather, best pal, and empathetic nation healer for this past campaign has been a bit much to stomach even for my cast-iron gut.

As a conservative, I’m able to recall history that happened more than a week ago, a feat which Democrats are incapable of pulling off. I like to refer to them as the Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind party. I can remember Joe Biden’s history as a politician, as well as the way Democrats have treated Republicans for the last four years.

Joe Biden is a spiteful, divisive politician and has been since he got to Washington. The fact that he’s senile and old now doesn’t make him some sort of cuddly national teddy bear. The mainstream media are — SHOCKER — complicit in the Biden fairy tale, and they’re going to be working it hard for the next year if Joe makes it that far. The more that they can polish Grandpa Gropes’ fake halo, the more they can keep blaming Republicans for everything, because we’re just heartless and won’t go take a big swig at the Fountain of Unity.


Much has been made about how the Kavanaugh hearings radicalized so many Republicans. Guess who got that ball rolling years ago?

The Hill:

Supreme Court nomination hearings have gone from serene to savage, thanks largely to Joe Biden.

As head of the Senate Judiciary Committee, he presided over the infamous Robert Bork hearings. His smearing of Bork for his original-intent judicial philosophy transformed hearings for Supreme Court nominees into bloody ideological battles. Henceforth, all conservative nominees were subjected to “Borking.”

Brutal to Bork from the start, Biden treated him not as a serious judge but as a stooge for what Biden called the “Reagan-Meese” agenda. Biden’s transparently unfair treatment of Bork was so bad even The Washington Post editorialized against Biden at the time:

I still remember those hearings.

Biden was pretty awful during the Clarence Thomas hearings too, but he thinks that it was his treatment of Anita Hill that was wrong. And the Great Healer was still trying to keep Hill’s lies front and center almost two decades later.

Let us not forget that Capt. Unity was calling Trump supporters “chumps” shortly before the election.

Biden also has a long history of being confrontational with people who ask him tough questions. You would think that after a half century in the political spotlight he would have found the maturity to not react like a pubescent boy who’s parents didn’t raise him right every time someone put him on the spot.


Add in the fact that Biden was vice-president in the administration that weaponized the Internal Revenue Service to go after its political opponents and you will have to forgive me if I find his overtures about unity and moving forward as one people a bit hollow.

Joe Biden’s nastiness doesn’t stop with him, it’s infected his supporters. The New Soviets are threatening to keep lists of Trump supporters and ruin their (our) lives.

Anybody who has had even peripheral involvement in American politics in the modern era knows that the Democrats’ ideas about unity and bipartisanship are a stable-load of horse dung. What they mean when they use those words is that they want the Republicans to roll over and acquiesce to whatever leftist nightmare they’re presenting. They got used to that happening for so long that you can understand why they’d think it might work again.

That was the old Republican party, however. This is Donald Trump’s GOP, and it’s going to be even if he’s not president anymore. I know the squish Republicans who’ve been marginalized in the Trump era are looking to pounce and get back to the old status quo but I don’t think that’s going to work out well for them.

So, sorry Dems, we were listening these past four years when you were saying that ALL Trump supporters are ignorant racists. We haven’t forgotten.


Take that unity candle that you’re pretending to offer and…well, you know.

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