Dare to Dream: Trailer for New 'Dune' Movie Looks Like Hollywood May Have Finally Gotten It Right

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The “Dune” That Fans Have Been Waiting For?

Let’s hope this isn’t all just a big tease.

Fans of Frank Herbert’s Dune have been waiting forever for an onscreen adaptation of the legendary sci-fi novel that wasn’t awful.


Famed director David Lynch was the first to take a stab at it in 1984. The problem was that it was a David Lynch movie. Even I wasn’t doing enough hallucinogen/hard liquor combos in the ’80s to get into David Lynch doing science fiction.

There was a miniseries in 2000 that just made me want to shoot my television.

The trailer for this attempt to get it right by director Denis Villeneuve (Blade Runner 2049Arrival) looks pretty promising. I’m not getting my hopes up though. When the project was first announced and fans were getting excited, I tweeted that it would definitely be awful.

We Dune fans are a bit cultish, to say the least. Frank Herbert died relatively young in 1986 — probably because the Lynch movie was so awful — and left the Dune series wide open with a mind-blowing ending to the last book he finished. One of his sons has continued writing Dune books but it’s not quite the same.


So I’m overdue for something in the Dune universe that I can enjoy.

I hope this is it.


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