A Biden Victory Will Be Especially Awful for Beleaguered Law Enforcement Officers

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The looming horror of a Joe Biden presidency is one that I have examined in previous columns and podcasts. Those have had a broader focus, looking at how generally awful for the republic electing this demented lunatic to the highest office in the land would be. He alone is a nightmare, but once you factor in that his vice president will probably be president before the end of January 2021, the thought of him winning becomes a real monsters-in-the-dark scenario.

There was a time in the not-too-distant past that Joe Biden would have been an easy vote for most rank-and-file union police officers. In fact, if you had talked to most of them just a year ago, Biden probably would have been the overwhelming favorite. He was, after all, the “moderate” Democrat in the field then.

My, what a difference a year-long trip to the corner of Senility St. and Progressive Ave. makes.

The Joe Biden that would have been a police union gimme no longer exists thanks to his party’s extremely progressive tilt. Rather than be the kind of Democrat he has been throughout almost a half-century of public life, Biden has decided to abandon all of his principles and dive off of the leftist fringe cliff to appease the vocal young progressives in his party.

True, it may just be that his handlers are taking advantage of his addled state to make it seem as if he has sincerely changed, but the end result is the same.

To get an idea of how far afield the Democrats have wandered, over one hundred police organizations backed out of providing security for the Democratic National Convention because of the actions of elected officials in riot cities that are run by Democrats. While this may not have been a specific rebuke of Biden, he has expressed sympathy with the sentiments that the pro-riot Democrats have used as justification for their actions.

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In an effort at the beginning of July to suck up to his new unhinged leftist overlords, Biden referred to police as “the enemy.” He tried to hedge that by saying that they only become so if they use “surplus military equipment.” This is one place where I diverge not only from the lefties but from my libertarian friends as well.

If riot violence is breaking out in my neighborhood I want to see the cops rolling down the street in tanks. Maybe have a few A-10 Warthogs do a little “Brrrrrrrrrrrrrt” overhead just for effect. Yeah, I’m well-armed and have plenty of ammo here but I would rather not have to use it if there is armament that I have partially funded available to do the job.

The main point here is that Biden immediately caved to the progressive anti-cop narrative, no matter how much he tried to soften it.

Despite the media’s best efforts to carry water for him and pretend otherwise, Biden is also a champion of the “defund the police” movement. This, perhaps more than anything, has caused him to lose favor with law enforcement. The notion that a law enforcement officer’s job can be done better by a well-funded social worker is not only a slap in the face to LEOs but CLINICALLY INSANE. The Prog loons are going to have to find this out the hard way, and there will most definitely be a body count while they are.

But hey, upper-middle-class and wealthy white Dems get to pretend they’re down with the Black Lives Matter struggle while it’s happening.

A Biden victory that ensures that either Kamala Harris or Susan Rice becomes president next year will be catastrophic to those who have devoted their lives to law enforcement. They will be all but abandoned by the executive branch and, if Biden’s win flips the Senate, the legislative as well. A slew of executive orders and legislation that puts law enforcement officers in even greater peril is sure to follow.

Thankfully, President Trump has been packing the courts with conservative judges for almost four years. They may be able to slow the inexorable transition from lawlessness to permanent leftist totalitarianism for a while, but not forever.

There are over 800,000 law enforcement officers in the United States. Factor in the retired LEOs and there is some numerical clout there. It may not constitute an overwhelming voting bloc by itself, but it is one that has influence far beyond its membership.

With the economy in the toilet thanks to the plague, this election could very well hinge on what’s happening in the riot cities and the Black Lives Matter (real and poser) crowd’s vehement hatred for police. A couple of months ago a friend who doesn’t spend her days reading political news asked me to explain Black Lives Matter in a few words. It told her it is basically an anti-cop movement.

The more the riot freaks are allowed to go unchecked, the more even Democrats will realize that they might like to be able to call someone when their neighborhoods are on fire.

If Joe Biden is elected president, that may not be much of an option.


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