The Morning Briefing: Cuomo's Creepy COVID Victory Lap Needs to Have a Sock Shoved in It—Now

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Cuomo Is Italian for “Clueless”

A fine Tuesday to all of you, dear Morning Briefing readers.

I’m starting to wonder if the Cuomo family tree has any branches on it. I remember patriarch Mario Cuomo as being somewhat tolerable for a Democrat. He had some personality. He was a good baseball player when he was young. But that was a different era.


Face it, northeastern Democrat dynasties don’t fare well as the generations go on. The current crop of Kennedys is mostly using litter boxes in rehab centers these days. It looks like the stupid managed to hit much quicker in Clan Cuomo.

Yes, I am aware that Andrew and Chris Cuomo are successful. That isn’t difficult to pull off when one is part of a well-connected political legacy in a blue state or in the mainstream media, however. Remember that Chelsea Clinton got a television gig despite having the on-camera presence and personality of an elderly man’s unwashed sock.

What’s been going on with Cuomo for the last week or two is so off-base it almost seems that Joe Biden’s dementia is catching. He did an internal review of his disastrous coronavirus response and — SURPRISE! — Andrew Cuomo absolved Andrew Cuomo of any wrongdoing.

It’s gotten truly bizarre since then. Cuomo so believed his own hype that he’s been doing an unseemly victory lap, acting as if he’s cured COVID. He held a press conference where he unveiled this strange papier mâché green mountain to explain New York’s COVID curve. Cuomo obviously thought it made him look clever, but he really looked like the dumb, lazy kid at a middle-school science fair.

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Now Cuomo is having his delusion fed by White House COVID elf, Dr. Anthony Fauci. Matt Vespa wrote about this descent into madness at our sister site Townhall yesterday. Here is Matt’s assessment of Fauci’s praise of the New York response at the beginning of the pandemic:


What in the fresh hell is this? For weeks, we’ve known that Gov. Andrew Cuomo and his grim reaper nursing home policy is responsible for the deaths of thousands. He’s not alone, a lot of other Democratic governors decided to do their best killing the most vulnerable in our society. These places, which house the elderly and infirmed, were ordered to accept COVID-positive patients. If the stomach bug gets into a nursing home, everyone gets diarrhea. That’s the deal. These places are Petri dishes and anything that gets in spreads like a brushfire. You don’t need a medical degree to know that and I’m sure you know that nearly half of all US-based COVID deaths are from…nursing homes.

If this seems like an extension of what I was writing about in yesterday’s Briefing it’s because it is. Both Fauci and Cuomo set me off for Round 2 yesterday.

There is no objective measure by which Andrew Cuomo’s early COVID policy can be judged a success. This entire, sordid pandemic has been hallmarked by a lack of honesty from politicians and the media. We’re inside the world’s largest insane asylum if Andrew Cuomo can be proud of himself right now and be receiving praise from the physician from whom we are supposed to be taking our cues.

I’m sure that the relatives of all of the elderly people Cuomo needlessly sent to their deaths in March and April aren’t lining up to give him an “attaboy!”

 (AP Photo)

Not to worry, America. Andrew Cuomo will face some media scrutiny on his next CNN appearance with his brother, where he will be asked if he’s called their mother lately. Fortunately for them, she’s one of the few elderly people in New York who survived her son’s coronavirus nursing home policy.


This is all so wearisome. But hey, Andrew Cuomo has all the answers.

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Bee Me

The Kruiser Kabana

This is absolutely insane. The good kind.

I’m thinking about becoming irreverent for the greater good.


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