The Kruiser Kabana Episode 54: Townhall's Matt Vespa On Stupid Polls and How Awful COVID Football Will Be

My friend and colleague, Townhall Senior Editor Matt Vespa joins the Kabana for a lively discussion about presidential polls and the seemingly nonexistent real-world enthusiasm for Joe Biden, which I also wrote about in my latest column. Matt is swimming in Swamp People so his perspective on this is especially interesting.

Like me, Matt is also a huge sports fan. Now that baseball is finally getting underway and football (NCAA and NFL) season is just around the corner, we discuss our hopes versus all of this COVID reality and also explore the fact that Wokeness may kill sports even if the plague is unable to do so. I continue my mission to crush the hopes and dreams of fellow sports fan friends who are still harboring some optimism for the rest of 2020. It is a service I will continue to provide for free until I can enjoy an extended “I told you so” period in the fall.

If I’m wrong I won’t care because then I’ll at least have baseball and football to distract me. WIN/WIN PEOPLE.

Keep up with Matt on Twitter here.

Matt is also a content and traffic juggernaut over at our sister site Townhall. Read his stuff if you aren’t already. Here is his Townhall author page so you can catch up.

As always, thank you, VIP subscribers. And thanks to all of you who frequent my Morning Briefing, which is having another great month.

I don’t know what Friday’s podcast will be about or whether it will have a guest. If you want to play a little “Ask Me Anything” I am more than willing to answer those questions and/or take topic suggestions.


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