The Kruiser Kabana Episode 53: Assessing the Current State of the Biden Veepstakes

It’s time to start seriously considering which nightmare choice the drooling idiot is going to tap to be his (juvenile snicker) Number Two.

The oddsmakers have kept the 2-4 slots fluid for a while, but one name has remained at the top: Kamala Harris. In this episode we examine the flavors of the week who are trailing her, as well as go over why I sincerely hope that Crazy Joe the Wonder Veep does choose my former senator.

This campaign doesn’t feel real still, mostly because one of the two major candidates really isn’t campaigning. I just realized that I’m going to miss mocking the DNC this year. OK, I mock the RNC a lot too. Yeah, I know that there will still be conventions but without the 50,000 stupid hats it just won’t be the same.

I’m still holding out hope that Biden will show up on the basement campaign cam one morning and bark out a random name as his VP pick before his handlers can get the leash back on him. I think we all know that’s not out of the realm of possibility.

Make way for Vice President Jasmine Guy, everyone!


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PJ Media Senior Columnist and Associate Editor Stephen Kruiser is the author ofDon’t Let the Hippies ShowerandStraight Outta Feelings: Political Zen in the Age of Outrage,” both of which address serious subjects in a humorous way. Monday through Friday he edits PJ Media’s “Morning Briefing.” His columns appear twice a week.


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