The Morning Briefing: Trump's Mt. Rushmore Speech Is What We've All Been Waiting For

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Thank You, President Trump

Independence Day happened in this weirdest of years and — just when you needed him to — the president of these United States showed up and did his thing.


Donald J. Trump — the greatest president since Ronald W. Reagan — showed up to Mt. Rushmore to deliver a speech that his supporters desperately needed.

I wrote a column just a couple of days ago wondering if President Trump actually wanted to win this election. After what I saw this weekend I would have to say yes. Emphatically.

I had been lamenting the fact that Trump wasn’t using the power of incumbency thus far. Standing in front of Mt. Rushmore while jets streamed overhead kind of changed that.

This moment was brilliant. The Trump faithful have been waiting for him to bust out. Yes, he has been forced to be calmer because of the plague but he has been a little too cautious. He finally delivered here.

If this election is going to turn on a dime, then this is that dime. Trump came out swinging for the fences with this speech and cleared all of the fences. He finally got the word that it was time to win this thing.

This speech, with a literally monumental backdrop, was magnificently timed. I may not trust the people around him, but I do trust Trump’s instincts.

 (AP Photo/Alex Brandon)

We move in a lot of directions now. I’m not moving away from this president.

Happy Birthday and Stuff

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