The Morning Briefing: Joe Biden's VP Pick Is Going to Be a Trainwreck, and President If He Wins

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The Real Biden Presidency

I think we are all aware that if Joe Biden becomes the greatest beneficiary of a plague ever and wins the presidential election, he probably won’t actually be president much past his inauguration.


If he makes it that far.

By now you are all aware that I think the various B.S. coronavirus reactions may very well gift-wrap and hand this election to the drooling idiot in the basement on Election Day and keep him hidden during the transition. Once he’s inaugurated he will suddenly have a health episode that will require him to leave office. He’s obviously in such a state of mental decline that even the Democrats won’t want him to stick around if he wins.

So this election — especially for people who are realistic and think Biden just might win — is really about who he chooses to be his vice president. Or, more precisely, who his handlers choose to be vice president.

The Democrats’ penchant for prioritizing diversity over all else may just be what wins re-election for President Trump. We still need to ponder worst-case scenarios, however.

Biden painted himself into a corner during the truncated Democratic primaries when he vowed to choose a woman as his running mate. He didn’t demand that the hypothetical running mate be qualified or anything, just that she check off the “female” box on the woke scorecard. As the “largely peaceful” riots have gone on, the pressure has mounted for Biden to choose an African American woman as his running mate.

If there is one skill Joe Biden has it’s diversity pandering, so it’s likely that he will choose an African American woman. That narrows down the list of potential picks quite a bit.

The names that have been floated thus far have been less than inspiring when one ponders that she will soon be the president of the United States should Biden win.


The mainstream media seems to crown a new African American female winner in the Biden veepstakes every week. Most recently, the MSM has been in love with the mayor of Atlanta, Keisha Lance Bottoms. My colleague Stacey Lennox brought up a very valid point when she asked: “If Keisha Lance Bottoms Can’t Run Atlanta, Why Does Joe Biden Think She Can Run the Country?

The idea of being able to run the United States of America with no experience is kind of ridiculous. What on anyone’s résumé prepares them to be the leader of the free world? Given that, wouldn’t it be wise to keep the potential candidate pool wide open?

Not in Biden World.

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Some of the other names being tossed about are truly disturbing when you consider that they will probably be president by the end of July 2020.

There are a lot of people on my side of the aisle who think that Biden will pick Sen. Kamala Harris of California. I salivate at the thought that he might.

Harris is a thoroughly off-putting politician. She rose to the upper echelon of California politics the same way all Democrats do in the Golden State: by knowing a few people with money. She was the first of the top-tier Democratic candidates who dropped out of the primary race. Like Hillary Clinton, Harris doesn’t do well with any kind of scrutiny.

Harris gets mentioned most often despite the fact that Biden doesn’t need her to win California. In modern presidential politics, the V.P. pick is usually chosen to deliver a state the POTUS candidate really needs delivered. Kamala Harris can only deliver him negative vibe grief. For Republicans, Harris is the dream pick. She is so unlikable that widespread disdain for her would almost certainly lead to a Biden defeat.


That doesn’t leave her out of the running though.

 (AP Photo/Seth Wenig)

Another oft-mentioned potential Biden running mate is the fake governor of Georgia, Stacey Abrams. Team Biden just might buy into the Democratic party’s relentless effort to legitimize Abrams, despite the fact that she won’t help him win Georgia. She is, however, a media darling, and the Democratic hierarchy places a high value on that.

Should Team Biden decide to go with a white female, the options are even worse. Amy Klobuchar has taken herself out of the running but Elizabeth Warren has been popping up all over media this past week. Warren is so obnoxious that she makes Kamala Harris look like Mary Poppins.

It’s not that I think the “replace Biden” scenario would be better if he were looking at men too. All Democrats are awful.


Here Ya Go, Nervous Flyers


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