And By the Way, Obamagate Is Real and It's Spectacular

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The American mainstream media has expended great effort in the past two weeks to convince people that the scandal now known as Obamagate is either a diversion or a conspiracy theory, neither of which is true.


Most of the coverage has taken the form of a tantrum, like the one exhibited by CNN’s Brian “Poppin’ Fresh” Stelter last week:

CNN’s “Reliable Sources” anchor Brian Stelter criticized conservative news outlets for their “obsession” over the new revelations regarding the Russia election interference investigations and the Department of Justice dropping its case against retired Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn. Stelter said the outlets should be more focused on the death toll from the ongoing Wuhan coronavirus pandemic.

For the most part, the MSM has’t been doing any deep dives into the recent revelations that led to the coining of the term “Obamagate” in the first place. There have been a lot of op-ed pieces dismissing it, but not any real examination of just what President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden may have had to do with it. On Friday, White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany chided the White House press pool for a lack of “journalistic curiosity” regarding the issue.

There are a few reasons that the press is so gun-shy about having any journalistic curiosity, a couple of them very obvious.

Obamagate Destroys the “Scandal-Free” Administration Fairy Tale

We’ve been told ad nauseam by Obama partisans that The Lightbringer’s administration was scandal-free. Sure, try selling that line to the Mexican government right now.


The reason that the scandal has come to be known as Obamagate is because if the allegations are true the stink is all over Obama himself. Sure, he may revert to form and find someone to throw under the bus, but it looks as if he may not be able to completely deflect this time.

The Obama faithful are no doubt on psychological overload trying to remain in denial these days. Thou shalt not speak ill of their Holy One, but — deep down inside — they all probably know that he isn’t that holy.

Obamagate Severely Disrupts the Narrative

This is the real problem for Democrats and their flying monkeys in the MSM. The Obamagate story has really gotten in the way of the preferred progressive narrative, which is that every single thing about the coronavirus pandemic is President Trump’s fault.

Trump’s approval ratings haven’t taken a hit despite the all-out effort by the MSM to use the pandemic as a dagger in his political heart. No doubt the Democrats all have their fingers crossed hoping that most of America ends up financially destitute from these lockdowns that probably never should have happened and that they all end up blaming the president, but they aren’t having any real luck so far.

This is one of Trump’s singular gifts that has really made him grow on me since he took office. In the past, Republicans were routinely steamrolled by false Democratic narratives. As I am fond of pointing out, Mitt Romney didn’t really lose to Barack Obama, he lost to then-CNN hack Candy Crowley, all because he couldn’t combat utter falsehoods that she was flinging at him during a presidential debate.


Trump takes the leftmedia narratives, wads them up into a ball, and throws them in the face of the nearest biased hack. It is absolutely magical to watch sometimes.

The standard MSM response is the same that it is this time — that the president is merely trying to distract from something. I think that’s all they can keep coming up with because they’re still so taken aback by a Republican who fights back. It’s just not something that they’ve really had to deal with much. In the past thirty years there have been Ronald Reagan and Newt Gingrich and that’s about it. Gingrich was last in office in the 20th century, so it’s been some time since they had to deal with an elected Republican who didn’t take their crap.

When Trump tweeted only the word Obamagate recently, he sent the narrative moving in a completely different direction all on his own.

They hate that more than anything.

We’ve Been Right About All of the Russia Hoax Stuff So Far

Obamagate has caused a visceral reaction on the Left because it’s tied-in with the Russia hoax, and every one of us rightwing nutjobs were right about that. While absolutely no one on the Left has been honest with themselves about that, they are more than likely experiencing subconscious angst of epic proportions right now.


Obamagate isn’t going to go away quickly, especially now that President Trump is in full pit bull mode about it.

Good luck tearing him away from this one.


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