The Kruiser Kabana Episode 37: Bridget Phetasy Post-Infection Interview

I have wanted to have my good friend Bridget Phetasy on the podcast as a guest for a long time. At first, we were hampered by my limited interview tech skills. As soon as I began to figure that out, Bridget went and got the ‘rona.

Or so we think.

We talk quarantine and her return to health here. Probably some other stuff too. This one was originally scheduled to be around 15 minutes long and we went well beyond that.

Like our good mutual friend Carol Roth, Bridget is another fun one on Twitter. Her interactive online community can be found at Check her weekly video Dumpster Fire on YouTube. Lastly (she’s a content machine), her podcast “Walk-Ins Welcome” can be found at

Bridget is one of the best writers and social commentators I’ve ever met. She also may be the only true centrist commenting on politics and society right now.



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