WaPo's Rubin Completes Descent Into Self-Parody, Swooning Over Schiff's 'Brilliant' Legal Skills

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This all wouldn’t be so awkward if Jennifer Rubin weren’t still billing herself as the “conservative blogger” for The Washington Post.

But here we are:


The object of Rubin’s awe here is chinless wonder Adam Schiff, who is getting some extra airtime this week because he’s brought his Alternative Facts Three-Ring Circus to the Senate floor.

Rubin’s journey as a #NeverTrump zealot has been one of the weirder ones to observe these past few years. Even before being exposed to toxic peer-pressure levels of Coastal Media Trump Derangement Syndrome, Rubin wasn’t really what anyone outside of the northeastern United States could call a “conservative.”

She was merely conservative relative to the people around her.

While many fauxservative Never Trump types spent most of 2017 and 2018 criticizing the president and celebrating other Republicans who agreed with them, our girl Jen almost immediately donned a cheerleader skirt and began positively gushing for any Trump-hating lefty she became aware of.

Still, she would at least couch all of that gushing in news-y language, making it seem as if she still operated with a modicum of professionalism.

Her weak-kneed, almost orgasmic fawning over Schiff’s performance during what should be treated — especially by journalists — as a solemn event is beyond the pale for even an avowed Never Trump hack.


There is some entertainment value in all of this. Rubin gets dragged pretty hard in the responses, so that’s fun reading. There are also some lonely hearts club Dem females joining in the swoon and — I kid you not — dreaming of Schiff running for president.

The good news for Rubin is that the president’s re-election in November would mean that she’ll still be employable as a charter member of the Never Trump Screeching Harridan Hate Society (Nicolle Wallace is its chairwoman). Should Trump lose though, it’s a safe bet that WaPo will soon decide that her useful idiot services are no longer needed.


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